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New 2020 ARC Guidelines

New ARC guidelines have been posted to the website. Please review them at your earliest convenience. Click here for more information.

Clubhouse Rules and Regulations for Usage

If you would like to provide your input to the Board of Directors to establish how the Highlands Clubhouse in Lake Margaret shall be used, please submit all suggestions to Martha Yeager.  Her email is by March 5th. The Board of Directors will take all suggestions under advisement during this process.  Some sample Rules might be: […]

Christmas Yard Contest Nominations

Once again the spirit of this festive season is evident at so many of our Highlands homes. The yard d├ęcor is better and brighter than ever! Lights and figures abound making our community a wonderful place to celebrate the holidays. The annual HCA Christmas Yard Contest drew fantastic nominations again this year, and many more […]