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Draft BOD Meeting Minutes of May 23, 2018
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:49:48 PM »
The Highlands Community Association
Board of Directors Meeting, May 23, 2018
Castleberry Room at the Reserve

Meeting Call to Order: 
Mr. Matt Cullather, President, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Quorum was established with Directors Mr. Matt Cullather, Mr. Shawn Gitlin, Mr. Bill Donegon and Mr. Brian Davis present.  Ms. Yeager, ACS West was also present.

Approval of the Minutes:
The minutes of the March 14, 2018 meeting were read.  Mr. Gitlin made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Mr. Donegon.  Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.
The President presented an update on the status of the pool and potential purchase.  The Board’s position is that the Developer is obligated to convey the pool and surrounding property to the Association free and clear.  The Developer does not agree and has indicated that he may initiate legal action.  The Board has notified the Association’s Director and Officer insurance policy provider of the potential for legal action.
The Treasurer reported that the operating account stands at $206,479.00 and that the reserve account stands at $217,412.00.  There are currently 100 overdue annual assessment accounts and efforts are underway to collect the outstanding amounts.
Member Voice:
Approximately 20 members of the community were present for the meeting.
Chesterfield County is considering a number of potential changes to the traffic pattern at the intersection of Beach and Nash Roads, which will impact the traffic access to the neighborhood.  The County has posted the traffic alternatives on its website and all members of the community are invited to review the alternatives.  The County plans to hold additional public meetings concerning this work as time goes by.  All members of the community should visit the website regularly and attend as many of the information meetings as possible to represent the community’s position on the potential changes.
Old Business:
1.    Repairs to the boat ramp.  Discussion of possible repairs to the boat ramp were tabled until the Board can obtain more estimates on the cost of the needed repairs.
New Business:
1.   ARC Membership:  Mr. Donegan made the motion, seconded by Mr. Gitlin, that the following member be approved as a member of the ARC for the term indicated and that all previous actions of the ARC be affirmed:
Mr. Rich Seyler, three year term, effective February 27, 2017.

2.   Recommended changes to the ARC Guidelines:  Mr. Cullather made the motion, seconded by Mr. Davis, that the following changes be made to the ARC Guidelines.
Sec A1.  Accessory Buildings (Sheds):  The following language is inserted:
“Consistent with Chesterfield County building codes an accessory building (shed) is defined as a detached structure of no more than 400 square feet.”
Sec A14. Garages:  The following language is inserted:
Consistent with Chesterfield County building codes a garage is defined as a detached structure of greater than 400 square feet.”
Sec A14.3:  The current language is replaced with:
“A14.3 The roof pitch shall be no less that that of the main roof portion of the house.  The shingles must match the color and type of the house.”
3.   The issue of beavers in the lake area was tabled.
4.   Any identified acts of vandalism in the neighborhood should be reported to the Chesterfield County police department.
5.   Ms. Yeager was asked to have the playground equipment provider inspect the equipment to ascertain if any damage was done due to recent vandalism in the area.
6.   Mr. Nick Fesal of NZ Publications made a presentation concerning the new Highland Neighborhood e-magazine the company is preparing.
Executive Session:  Mr. Cullather made the motion to move to Executive Session, seconded by Mr. Davis, at 7:08 PM to discuss issues of property ownership in the lake area.  Mr. Cullather made the motion to return to Open Session, seconded by Mr. Davis, to return to Open Session at 7:30 PM.
All directors present at the closing of open session were present at the resumption of open session.
Mr. Giltin made the motion, seconded by Mr. Donegan, that Ms. Yeager be directed to continue to research the ownership of property in question adjacent to the lake.  Motion was approved by unanimous vote. 
Adjournment:  Mr. Cullather made to the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 PM.  Motion seconded by Mr. Davis and agreed to by unanimous vote.
The next meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2018,
Respectfully submitted:
Brian K. Davis, Secretary, Highlands Community Association Board of Directors