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Resident Directory

(Password Required)

Many of you probably remember the old printed directories that listed all residents of the Highlands. As our community grew, this feature was replaced by an online directory. In addition, to protect those wanting more privacy, this online directory lists only the members that choose to have their information published. But likewise, only those who are in the directory, are given the password to access it.

Members are asked to not share the password.
Please refer them to this page.

To get the password:

  • If you recall being in the online directory before, but you forgot the password, you can contact the Webmaster who will verify you are in it and then provide the password.
  • If you are not in the directory but wish to be added to it and given the password, download the HCA Directory Application pdf (MS Word version), print it and fill it out, and forward it to Martha at ACS West. She will verify your residency, work with the Webmaster to put you in the directory, and have the password emailed to you.

NOTE: Only a minority of households have their information in the directory.
Utilizing the many Facebook groups (shown near the bottom of the Highlands Links page), especially the “Highlands Residents” Facebook group (with 1,500+ members), is another way to connect to other residents.