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Annual Christmas Yard Contest 2021

Nominations are in. Tour our neighborhood for a delightful holiday treat!

(Judging takes place on Sunday, December 19th at 6 pm.)

Eastfair Side:

(from Woodpecker to Nash)

7600 Oban Drive
7430 Arabella Drive
11113 Sterling Cove Drive
11002 Sterling Cove Drive
8407 Aldera Lane
12001 Amara Drive
8148 Galatea Place
8313 Shagreen Court

Highland Glen Side:

(from Nash to Eastfair)

8401 Rollingmist Lane
11821 Glendevon Terrace
8412 Aviemore Court
8130 Sidlaw Hills Terrace
8119 Burray Court
12025 Hadden Hall Drive
8213 Hadden Hall Court
8201 Hadden Hall Court
12112 Whitley Manor Drive
12001 Dunnotar Drive