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Highlands Playground


The Highlands Playground located on Eastfair Drive is open to all Highlands property owners and their guests, from Dawn to Dusk. Residents are responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their guests and dependents using the playground. The Highlands Homeowners Association is not responsible for accidents or damage to personal property. The HOA Landscape Committee (Lacy Gray, Chairman, has responsibility for auditing the conditions of this asset and reporting all deficiencies for repair to ACS West.
The Pavilion has twelve tables with a seating capacity of 116 people. There are two stand-alone charcoal grills and the user may bring their personal grill. There is no electricity in the Pavilion. Because of noise the use of power generators is prohibited. There are no restroom facilities, for all-day-use it is suggested the user rent a port-a-potty.
At the end of the event, all trash must be placed in provided containers, fires extinguished and grills cleaned. The overall playground must be left in an orderly condition. Trash bags are to be disposed at the users home or in the dumpsters located adjacent to the Highlands swimming pool.
There are no fees associated with use of this facility. Use is not on a reservation basis but “First-come First serve”.

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