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HCA Annual Meeting 2023

September 19, 2023

Highlands Community Assoc. Annual Meeting at The Reserve. Registration @ 5pm; Mtg. @ 7pm

*** A quorum is needed!! ***

  • To vote on 2 Board members.
  • To vote on the Capital Contributions Amendment.

Please attend or submit
all proxy paperwork!

Click image for pdf of needed documents.

The HCA needs 400 attendees or proxy forms in order to meet quorum rules for the board member vote.
The HCA ALSO needs 400 votes on the proposed amendment in order to meet quorum rules. This vote CANNOT be submitted via proxy, and must be filled out and signed by BOTH residents.

If not attending, please take the brief minute to fill out the proxy form, ballot, and amendment document mailed to your home (or download here). We need you AND the other homeowner (if applicable) to BOTH sign the proxy and amendment documents.

After signing, please submit in ANY of these easy methods (before 9/19/2023):

  1. Place in drop-box located at the 8400 Pool building right out in front of the front doors. Or…
  2. Email a scan or even a cellphone picture of the document to and Or…
  3. Mail it to ACS West:
    • The Highlands Community Association, Inc.
      c/o ACS West Inc., AAMC®
      1904 Byrd Avenue, Suite 100
      Richmond VA, 23230

Information was mailed to households.



Reposts from our “official” Facebook Group Page,
“The Highlands Community Association in Chesterfield, VA”

From John Theobald [HCA President] August 17 = Click HERE.
• 25% Quorum needed. • Vote on 2 open slots.

From John Theobald [HCA President] August 22 = Click HERE.
• Vote on Capital Contributions Amendment.

From Matt Cullather [Past HCA President] August 22 = Click HERE.
More information on amendment for a better understanding.

From John Theobald [HCA President] August 30 = Click HERE.
How to vote in-person vs proxy.

Recap of proxy voting from a comment in a question posted 8/30:

  1. If you don’t care who wins the election (it’s only 2 people for 2 spots),
    • Send in just the proxy form *** AND the SIGNED amendment. ***
  2. If you do care who wins the election,
    • Send in the proxy form, the ballot, *** AND the SIGNED amendment. ***

From John Theobald [HCA President] September 5 = Click HERE.
ATTENTION!!! With only 14 days remaining we still need a TON of Amendment votes to reach the 400. PLEASE if you do anything for the HOA ever, have BOTH homeowners sign the last page of the ballot and mail it in, take a picture and email it, OR INTRODUCING the BALLOT BOX!!! Securing mounted at 8400 with a cable lock and DIRECTLY underneath a security camera (so nobody tries to sabotage the vote…), you’ll see a ballot box! And say you forgot your amendment page, they’re directly to the left of the box! WOW what convenience. Now everybody get up and go vote!.