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Z 2017 Pool Announcement


The Highlands Pool Members

Dear Pool Members:

It’s that time of year again!! Please take the time to read this letter so your family is ready for

the 2017 pool season.


The pool will open on Saturday, before Memorial Day and will be open each day through

Labor Day; except if we are experiencing inclement weather. The hours of pool operation and

Pool Rules are online at


Swim Club Management Group of Richmond will be the pool Management Company in charge

of pool maintenance and lifeguard supervision for the 2017 pool season.


Last year we re-plastered the main pool, power washed all the concrete, added vinyl benches,

replaced the tube slide and renovated the restrooms. The floors in the restrooms will be re-sealed

prior to opening this year.


The annual fee for pool membership in 2017 is $510 for families and $345 for senior

couples, the last dues increase was in 2013, membership types are explained in more detail on

the information form. Partial payments are accepted or you may pay in one full installment.

However, the entire balance is due on or before May 10, 2017. Please make your check

payable to The Highlands, LLC and mail it to 7319 Rosemead Lane, Chesterfield, Virginia

23838. We do not recommend using the drop box at the Sales Center (8400 Highland Glen

Drive) this may cause a delay in processing your payment and information form. Guest punch

cards will be available for $25 for 10 guests and may be purchased from the lifeguards or you

may pay $5 per guest at the gate.


Please find enclosed the 2017 Information Form, ALL pool members (returning and new) are

required to complete and return with his/her annual membership fee. Please note access cannot

be granted for members who have not completed and returned the information form in its

entirety. This information is used for several different reasons, such as to generate the data base

for the access system for each family member and to obtain member’s home and work phone

numbers (so they may be notified in case of an emergency). All members will check in at the

gate each time you visit the pool this year, you will not need a pass, just give the attendant your

full name and address, they will check the system to be sure you are a current member. Families

with different last names will be in the system by the parent’s last name.

An inordinate amount of time is required to create this data base. We hope you understand

that members who turn in Information Forms and/or Pool Dues after the May 10th

deadline may not have access on Memorial Day Weekend and therefore will not be able to

use the pool over the Memorial Day holiday. Please ensure your fees, information forms and

waiver forms (if applicable) are returned on or before May 10th.


Also, as required in the past, if you have a child (children) between the ages of 11 years and 15

years and you plan to allow your child (children) to use the pool unattended by an adult, you will

need to sign the enclosed waiver. Please mail it in with your membership fee to 7319

Rosemead Lane, Chesterfield, Virginia 23838. Even if you have signed a waiver form for last

year’s pool season, a new waiver must be completed each year. Waiver access will not be

granted unless we have a daytime telephone or cell phone number where one parent can be

reached during pool hours. A child must meet the following criteria to have waiver access: (1)

swim the length of the pool without assistance; (2) mature enough to follow pool rules and obey

lifeguards. Waiver access can be revoked if a child does not follow this criteria, so we would

encourage parents to explain the pool rules to their child prior to the pool opening.

Children under the age of 11 years will not be allowed in the pool area unaccompanied by a

responsible person (16 years or older).


The kiddy pool is for the use of children five (5) and under. The lifeguards do not monitor the

kiddy pool, so children in this area must be monitored by a responsible individual (16 years or

older) at all times in this area.


Details will be posted at the pool.


Please take a few moments to review the Pool Rules online at The Highland’s

Pool is a family pool and attire worn is to be consistent with a family pool setting.

If you have any questions about pool membership or the 2017 pool season, please feel free to call

me at 748-0755.


Donna Castleberry