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ARC Regulations and Application Process

What to expect when you submit a project to ARC:

The ARC meets monthly (meeting dates are on the Highlands calendar).  The ARC process is typically completed within a month (if everything is in order and complete).  It is recommended that you submit a project early if timing is an issue, even if all the information is not available at the time of submission.  Additional information can be submitted prior to the site visit (if required)

Upon receipt of your project application, your project will be assigned to an ARC member.  After your project is assigned and before the next regularly scheduled ARC meeting you will be contacted to set up a site visit, if required.  One or two ARC members will meet with you during the site visit.  If the application is complete and all necessary information is obtained, your project will be submitted for a vote at the second ARC meeting.  

Following completion of the project, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact ARC to arrange for final ARC review.  If you do not notify ARC that the project is completed, an ARC member will reach out to you approximately six months after the approval for a final ARC review. 


ARC Sub-Committee Members:

ARC ChairmanJim
ARC Vice ChairmanHans


Helpful Links to Chesterfield County Regulations and Information

(Please note, your project must comply with both ARC Guidelines and County Regulations)


Previous ARC Regulations

ARC Regulations Previous Version Dated July 2021 (For Reference Only)