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Fall Yard Contest Results

Our neighborhood has some wonderfully festive homes this season!  Take a tour of these Fall Yard Contest nominees, many with light and sound features best viewed after dusk..  (The * indicates a contest winner)  The list arranges homes in order of appearance for a convenient driving tour.  

Eastfair Dr Neighborhoods  (starting from Woodpecker Rd,  exit onto Nash Rd)

12701  Dunrobin Court *

12712  Dunrobin Court *

  7906  Erinton Drive *

12625  Erinton Court*

12619  Crathes Lane *

10637  MacAndrew Lane *

11213  Kalliope Drive *

11600  Europa Drive *

Highland Glen Dr Neighborhood  (starting from Nash Rd)

11341 Glendevon Road

 8300 Seaview Drive

 8125 Seaview Drive