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HOA Facebook Group Closure

Important Announcement: HOA Facebook Group Closure

Dear HOA members,

We are writing to inform you that the HOA Facebook group is being shut down. A lot of consideration has gone into this and we have decided to take this step for the following reasons:

  • Much of the content posted on the group is not related to HOA business and duplicative of posts in other online forums.
  • We have heard from many of you that you prefer not to use social media or have concerns about privacy and security.
  • The Board should not be in the business of policing post content or moderating disputes among members.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We also want to assure you that even without the HOA Facebook group, there are multiple methods for communicating about the HOA and HOA business that are accessible, convenient, and transparent for all homeowners.

These various methods are designed to be reasonable, effective, and free for all homeowners and to enable you to communicate among yourselves and with the Board regarding Association matters. These are:

  • All HOA news and events are posted on the official HOA website. You can visit the website any time to stay updated on the latest information and announcements.
  • To communicate with the Board, or any committee,
    • you can use the email addresses posted on the HOA website. We will respond to your queries and feedback as soon as possible. They can be found under Contact Information on the website.
    • You are also encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting in September.
    • Board meetings are held quarterly and also provide an opportunity for members to communicate with the Board and other homeowners.
  • To communicate with other homeowners,
    • we encourage you to opt-in to the email directory that is available on the HOA website. You can sign up for the directory and exchange messages with other members who have opted in. Instructions may be found under Resources at the website.
    • You are also encouraged to attend Social Committee events to meet with your neighbors in person, and the schedule of events is regularly updated on the website.
    • We also encourage members to attend the Annual Meeting and regular Board meetings to meet with and communicate with their fellow members.

We hope these methods of communication will serve the interests and needs of the HOA members and foster a sense of community and collaboration. We thank you for your participation and support.


The HOA Board of Directors

(Note: “Member Communications” is now a menu item.)