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The Highlands HCA owns the pool!

Highlands residents, there has been a bunch of talk over the last few years in regards to the pool and the entire property at Seaview Section 1 Lot 1. After a negotiated settlement with the developer, we are excited to announce as of today that the property officially is ours. The closing took place a few days ago and was recorded at Chesterfield County today, May 4, 2022. The entire board, including ACS West, and legal counsel spent a ton of time on this and I can assure you that we are looking out for the entire community and will continue to do so. The board (all 4 board members) were unanimous in our decision in doing what is best for the entire community. We know some have no interest in the pool and say they are against it and some frequent the pool and are for it, those are called opinions. The fact is that amenities in communities protect our home values and are a great asset to the community and now we get to control it. We are hoping to make some improvements to the property in the future and we will let you know as things progress. We will have more details coming soon.
There have been residents that have requested a vote for the pool, others thinking there is a vote at our meeting on May 12th, etc. As of today, we The Highlands HOA own the pool so there will be no vote next week at the meeting. You are welcome to attend but we wanted to get the word out asap now that this is done.

Here is what we can tell you:

  • Swim Metro will be managing the pool
  • Dues this year will be $300 for a Single membership, $385 for a Senior Family, and $495 for a family membership
  • The pool will open on time, Memorial Day weekend
  • Arnika Hoover will be taking over the snack bar
  • If you don’t want to join the pool, you don’t have to join the pool this year
  • Pool purchase price was $500,000, which was $800,000 less than it appraised for when it was first offered to the community to purchase.
  • There will be no joining fee / initiation fee to belong to the pool in 2022, HOWEVER in 2023 there will be a proposed fee of $300 to join the pool. As long as you are a pool member the year before there will not be a joining fee, just pool dues as stated above. All new members starting in 2023 will pay an initiation fee in addition to yearly dues. We hope you consider joining the pool this season and we really appreciate your support.

As board President, I want to express to you all that we took every email, facebook post, meeting comments into consideration in making this decision. We hope you all love The Highlands as much as we do. There is no special assessment at this time.
If you need anything please reach out to ACS West or the board at
We are always looking for suggestions on ways to better improve our community.

I would like to also thank the other three board members for all of the time and energy they have poured into The Highlands and getting this deal closed. Look for more information on the community website in the coming days and check your mailbox in the next week with next steps to get your pool membership going. Thanks again to all, see you at the pool.

Your neighbor,
Matt Cullather
President – The Highlands HOA

[ Highlands Pool Information is HERE]